Charles I Cookson Pty Ltd was incorporated in September 1988, in Adelaide Australia.  Initially the company specialised in temperature controls imported from the United Kingdom and distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.  The business gradually expanded over the years to eventually import products from many countries and become today a significant distribution platform for gas, water and electrical controls and components.  These items are supplied to a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical and gas appliances and equipment manufacturers and service companies throughout the region.

After visiting Korea several times, our founder Mr. Charles Cookson and Korean associate Mr. Kim Sang Taek realised the potential of mutual business between the two countries.  On this concept the Korean Branch of Charles I Cookson Pty Ltd was officially set up in 2008 in Seoul.  The now well known trade mark "Cookson Controls" was also successfully registered in Australia and Korea at that time.

They soon realised that there were other countries that were able to offer useful products to the Korean people but were discouraged by the difficulties of language, distance, culture, banking and time differences.  Charles I Cookson Pty Ltd, better known by many today as "Cookson Controls", became a path between these countries and Korea, facilitating cross trade.  Currently products are being exchanged between Korea, United Kingdom, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.

The Future:

The world grows smaller through technical advances but there still needs to be a link between countries to enable honest trade based on mutual understanding and trust.  Charles I Cookson Pty Ltd as "Cookson Controls" provides that link and intends to expand both markets and horizons, sharing technologies with integrity.




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